Richard Atkinson for Franklin 2018

G’day, my name is Richard Atkinson. I’m a candidate for the division of Franklin in the 2018 Tasmanian election. I’ve been nominated by the Tasmanian Greens along with our sitting member of the House of Representatives, Rosalie Woodruff.

I was elected to the Kingborough Council in 2014. Since then I have been an active and constructive member of the Council. I live in Kingston and take an active interest in a range of groups and activities in the community.

On Council I have initiated debate about poker machines, aboriginal recognition, marriage equality, public recycling bins and divestment from fossil-fuels. I’ve learned a lot about the way that local government works and built relationships with my fellow councillors and people in the community.

My background in information and communications technology has given me technical and financial skills, along with the patience and determination to research and analyse complex problems.

Tasmanian Greens Candidates for Franklin 2018, Holly Ewin, Lachlan Hatfield, Rosalie Woodruff, Richard Atkinson and Ross Lincolne.

Franklin candidates: (L to R) Holly Ewin, Lachlan Hatfield, Rosalie Woodruff, Richard Atkinson and Ross Lincolne.

The other candidates are Holly Ewin, Ross Lincolne and Lachlan Hatfield.

It’s really important to me that we have Greens members in the Tasmanian Parliament. The Greens have stood up for Tasmania and its people, representing not just those with power and money, but also people who don’t have a strong voice.

Across the state we have some great candidates, including our five lead candidates: Cassy O’Connor in Denision, Rosalie Woodruff in Franklin, Andrea Dawkins in Bass, Fraser Brindley in Lyons and Scott Jordan in Braddon.

Tasmania Lead Candidates, Scott Jordan, Rosalie Woodruff, Cassy O'Connor, Andrea Dawkins, Fraser Brindley

Lead candidates: (L to R) Scott Jordan, Rosalie Woodruff, Cassy O’Connor, Andrea Dawkins, Fraser Brindley

The Tasmanian Greens do not accept political donations from the big corporate donors that typically fund the campaigns of either, or both, of the other parties in the parliament. We declare our large donors publicly soon after the donation is received. What that means is that you judge for yourself whether our policies and decisions are biased by the money we receive. We’re sick of powerful and rich people having unfair influence on Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Greens have developed policies on a range of topics. At the core of these policies is our commitment to democracy, ecological sustainability, economic justice, peace and non-violence, and social justice.

If you want to vote for the Greens in Franklin, please vote:

  1. Rosalie Woodruff
  2. Richard Atkinson
  3. Holly Ewin
  4. Ross Lincolne
  5. Lachlan Hatfield