About Richard Atkinson


I’m Richard Atkinson. I was a councillor on Kingborough Council in Tasmania until I resigned in early 2019. I’m also a member of the Tasmanian Greens.

I wanted to be elected to council because I care about the community in which I live and because I believe I have experience, knowledge and skills that help me make Kingborough a better place.

My other job is as a software engineer, writing computer programs. I trained as a telecommunications engineer at the University of Tasmania, going on to do a Master in Engineering at RMIT University. I’ve worked for big multinational companies, government enterprise and small business.

Along the way I’ve also been president of the management committee of my daughter’s school, lived and worked in Germany, gained a certificate in permaculture design, learned to sail, and run in fun runs.

I joined the Tasmanian Greens because I want to live in a world where we look after each other and our environment.  Caring about others is vital to our humanity, caring for the world around us is vital to our survival.

I understand a balance sheet, see other’s points of view, enjoy analysing complex systems, like looking at the night sky, can make pasta and wave my arms around excitedly at times when speaking.

If you see me around please say hello.