Monthly Archives: October 2018

Don’t be a statistic

Next week you’ll get a ballot paper for the council election in the mail (if you live in Tasmania). If you post it back you’ll probably be in the majority – but only just.

I’ve been looking at the Election Report for the 2014 council elections. In Kingborough the Tasmanian Electoral Commission sent out 25 940  ballot papers and only received 13 955 back. That’s 53.80%. I wont fill this article with number, but the short version is that the over 65s vote a lot and the under 45s not so much. Then there were 193 people who voted but the TEC rejected their vote because they tore the wrong bit off the envelope (97) or didn’t sign it (84) or other reasons (12). Then a there were people who filled it in and posted it properly, but messed up in other ways – for example blank (2), ticks or crosses (13), scribble (33), two or more first preferences (20), not enough numbers (146), repeated numbers (313). 615 in total.

I get that some people decide not to vote, but what a shame that there are a bunch of people who went to the trouble to vote, even found a post box to put the envelope into, then their vote didn’t count.

Okay, enough numbers, what’s my point?

  1. Please vote, it’s your chance to decide who’s on council. Post it back by 30 October 2018.
  2. Please vote for me for mayor and councillor. Yes, you have to vote for me on both forms. If I don’t get elected as a councillor then I can’t get elected as mayor, I need both.
  3. Please vote 1 for me as mayor.
  4. If you want to, vote for other people as mayor 2, 3, or 4.
  5. Vote for who you think would make a good deputy mayor.
  6. Please vote 1 for me as councillor.
  7. Please vote for Amanda Midgley and Gideon Cordover as councillors as well.
  8. Vote for at least 10 people as councillors. For your vote to be formal you need to number at least 10 boxes.
  9. After 30 October, don’t tell me that you were going to vote for me, but didn’t get around to it. I really need every vote.
  10. Please celebrate after the count. If you all vote for me, then we can celebrate the first Greens mayor in Tasmania and you can celebrate that you were there when it happened and that your vote counted.