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The Collapse of Globalism

The Collapse of Globalism - CoverI’ve just finished reading The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World by John Ralston Saul.

I wasn’t familiar with his works until I went to a public lecture at the University of Tasmania entitled It’s Broke: How can we fix it? on 3 September 2012. The lecture not only inspired me to read his books, but to join a political party (but that’s another story).

I’m intrigued and repelled by economics. I feel too uniformed to question what has become the natural order – that free trade is good, that internationalisation is good, that privatisation is good. All these things have been talked about through my adult life as if they are self-evident. I wondered of my experience, working for large organisations, both public and private was atypical. What I saw was that they had much more in common than different. They had the same balance of dedicated employees and free-loaders. The same bureaucracy;  many levels of management, some justified, some being exploited for self-aggrandisement.

Reading The Collapse of Globalism was refreshing; not only did it give me some insight into how we got where we are, but it gave me hope that there are other ways of living. It’s beyond me to try to summarise such a thoughtful work, so I’ll leave it to you to go and read it for yourself.